Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tips for Thrifting

My tips for successful thrifting:

1. Go with an open mind~  Know that there will be an obvious odor and that most thrift stores are not esthetically pleasing to the eye. You wont be greeted at the door and offered wine nor will you have a personal sales associate waiting on your every need.

2. Wear something that is easy to get off and on~ A good idea would be to wear leggings or tights and a long sleeved fitted tank so when you try on the garments your skin is protected.

3. Check the thrift stores for discount days~ Many have senior citizen and half price discount days. You will be surprised how crowded the stores are on those particular days. Saving a penny is saving a penny!

4. Shop at thrift stores that are in affluent neighborhoods/locations for the best quality/designer items~ You may find items new with tags or nearly new at those shops. Look for designer labels, on trend and classic items, great patterns, prints and fabrics.  I love to find staple pieces to add to my closet.

5. Don't go if your on a time constraint~ Thrifting requires time and patience. Think of the experience as if you're going on a treasure hunt!  I make it a habit to shop alone when I have ample time to literally touch everything in the place... remember it's therapy for me.  :)

6. Ignore sizes~ Get to know your size and what looks good on you. Don't limit yourself to a particular size. Many items are missing the size tag, so try them on if it looks and fits good consider it a score!  Many curvy divas think that larger sizes can't be found in the thrift stores but that isn't true. If you can do basic alteration consider purchasing items that can be altered. 

7. Accessories~ Jewelry, handbags, scarfs, belts and shoes~ Don't neglect these areas of the store. You can find awesome pieces to add to your closet. Something as simple as a leopard print belt or scarf can turn a great outfit into an awesome on trend wow outfit.

8. Care and Cleaning~ Keep your clothing purchases in the shopping bag until you're ready to wash or dry clean them. Initially, always wash them separately from your other laundry. Use rubbing alcohol or lysol wipes to clean the footbed of shoes and the inside of handbags. Wipe the outside of the shoes and handbags with a damp cloth. Use a stiff brush on suede items. 

I hope you found this information helpful. Remember, curvy divas deserve to look fashionable too!

 Leave a comment and tell me about your awesome scores! 

Happy Thrifting

Later Dolls~  ;)

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